The Characters

Donald “Donnyboy” Cook

Will all the bullying, cruelty and intolerance endured by this shy 13-year-old crush his spirit…or inspire him to take a stand?




Eric Stiendler

Hated by his fellow POWs for rejecting Nazism, feared by the citizens of Farmington for being the enemy, the last thing this German soldier expects to find in South Dakota is a friend.



This brave and lovable stray dog teaches Donnyboy a valuable lesson about courage and loyalty – and that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.


Alice Cody

The prettiest girl in class, not to mention the smartest – until Donnyboy comes along. But Alice’s fiercely competitive nature isn’t the only source of tension between her and Donnyboy.


Bo Foley

Violent and cruel, this hulking bully is feared by all and would appear to be Donnyboy’s worst enemy – but things aren’t always what they appear to be.


Lester Leach

Is Bo’s scheming, vindictive sidekick evil through and through? Or does his secret absolve him?


Billy Rogers

Abandoned at an early age by his feckless parents, Billy is used to fending for himself. That he does so with courage, grace and dignity is a feather in his cap.


Pete Flavorian

Are his claims of being a Persian prince in exile legitimate? Or is he just the son of the cook at the local diner?


Cleo Sampson

A 14-year-old with the sass – and body – of a college coed. Does she really have a crush on Donnyboy, or is she just teasing him?


Al Cook

An accomplished jazz musician, Donnyboy’s father has given up life on the road for the stability of a job playing Western music at Farmington’s local radio station – a sacrifice that takes a toll on his health as well as his heart.


Jane Cook

Ever since she escaped her overprotective Greek family by eloping with a suave musician, Donnyboy’s mother has been determined to seem as all-American as possible.

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